City of Marysville To Mail Income Surveys

The City of Marysville will be mailing income surveys to 500 random households this spring. Information received will remain confidential, with the goal of identifying a large enough percentage of households below 80% of median county income, to qualify the city for community development block grants that would be used for construction of a new fire station, on the west side of 20th Street North, adjacent to Feldhausen Field. Marysville is estimated to have well over forty percent of local households in this income range.

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A town hall meeting hosted Monday had attendees list community strengths, which were topped by history and heritage, location, quality of life, schools and hospital, activities, and recreation. Among items to focus on going forward, were property taxes, selling tourism, jobs and housing, community pride and support, as well as attraction and retention of both younger residents, and retired people.

The input will be used as a first step among additional public meetings that will be used as part of a comprehensive plan that will be developed in coordination with Kansas State University.