Montgomery County Sheriff Served Summons

MONTGOMERY COUNTY – On March 1, Montgomery County Sheriff Robert W. Dierks, 55, was served a summons to appear in Montgomery County District Court following an investigation by Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) agents.

Dierks is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, March 6, on one count of Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer; Obstruction, or in the alternative, Attempted Obstruction; and one count of Intimidation of a Witness; Attempt to Prevent or Dissuade. According to the summons, the alleged crimes occurred on Jan. 27, 2018, in Montgomery County related to a DUI arrest.

The Fourteenth Judicial District entered an order appointing Todd Hiatt, an attorney from Shawnee County, to serve as special assistant county attorney for the case.

Nothing further will be released at this time.