Lt. Governor Lynn Rogers To Visit Community Memorial Hospital

Kansas Lieutenant Governor Lynn Rogers will be a guest of Community Memorial Healthcare in Marysville Wednesday, as part of his spring healthcare tour throughout the state. A roundtable with local hospital officials and staff will include the potential impact of Kan-Care expansion on rural hospitals.

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In a related story on the topic of Medicaid expansion, State Senator Dennis Pyle of Hiawatha Saturday addressed the issue during the Legislative Forum in Marysville. Referencing a recent closure at Fort Scott, and ongoing challenges in Brown County at both the Hiawatha and Horton hospitals, Pyle said that these were mostly related to poor management. He discounted the potential impact of a 2% increase in the Medicare reimbursement rate, cautioning that a large part of health care problems was greatly aggravated by the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Pyle expressed concern with significant contributions in uncompensated care annually provided by local emergency rooms, due to patients’ inability to pay for services, or even manage higher deductibles fort those with insurance. He said that the answer to fixing a government created problem is not in creating additional government programs.

Community Memorial Healthcare, a 25-bed non-profit critical access hospital in Marysville, is pleased to host Lt. Governor Lynn Rogers as part of his spring healthcare tour throughout the state on Wednesday, March 6th. We will be holding a 30-min roundtable discussion about the potential impact of a Kan-Care expansion to rural hospitals across the state, as well as telling a little bit of our story about how our day-to-day operations work in this political climate. Following the roundtable will be a quick tour of our hospital campus here in Marysville.