Wintry Weather Forecast For Tonight Into Monday Night

Precipitation will spread north across central and eastern Kansas tonight, continue through much of Monday, and gradually come to an end Monday night. Temperatures should be warm enough to keep most of the precipitation south of Interstate 70 in the form of light rain and drizzle. Along and just north of Interstate 70, temperatures are expected to be close to slightly below freezing late tonight into Monday morning then warming enough to turn to the precipitation to light rain and drizzle for Monday afternoon through late Monday night.

Near the Nebraska state line, temperatures should be below freezing tonight, rising to near freezing Monday afternoon, and return below freezing Monday night for most if not all of the precipitation to be a wintry mix, including freezing drizzle, freezing rain, and light snow. Ice accumulations of near two tenths of an inch are possible near the Nebraska state line while only a light glazing is anticipated along Interstate 70.

Untreated roadways may be slick and hazardous for areas along and north of Interstate 70, where a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect beginning late tonight.