Mitchell County Commissioners-February 4, 2019

The Mitchell County Commissioners met on Monday, February 4th.

Superintendent of Public Works, Dale Housh, reported that he checked on the placement of a drainage pipe Dennis Lutgen had brought to the commissioners attention. The pipe appears to be in a section of the county line road that is the responsibility of Jewell County.

The commissioners and Housh discussed a letter from the City of Tipton who is concerned about vehicles speeding through the town of Tipton.  Signs have been posted but speeding continues to be an issue as people drive through Tipton.

Housh’s suggestion is to install a speed bump or rumble strip. He recommended a two inch speed bump be placed at the north end of Great Plains manufacturing and another speed bump be installed near the Knights of Columbus Hall. The two speed bump strips would cost approximately $1,000.

A Neighborhood Revitalization Grant was approved for Central Valley Ag to construct two grain bins in Glen Elder to be completed by February 2020. The cost of the project is $5,881,453.