Beloit City Council Meeting-February 5, 2019

The regular meeting of the Beloit City Council was held on Tuesday, February 5th.

Chautaqua Isle of Lights President Michele Heidrick gave a report on the 2018 season of the Isle of Lights.  After thanking many people who helped with the Isle of Lights, she reported that 3,582 cars and 12,636 people went through the Isle of Lights. 189 towns, 35 states and 11 foreign countries were represented among those visitors.

It was reported that City Crews are busy trimming trees throughout Beloit and that a lot of potholes are in need of repair on West Court and West Main streets. Once the weather improves, the city will begin work on those potholes.

An ordinance for Ducks Unlimited was approved.

The council voted to terminate the current lease agreement for the 128 acres of farm ground adjacent to the sewer plant. This farm ground will be available to bid for by area farmers.

An updated city fee schedule for 2019 was approved.

In addition, Beloit city manager, Jason Rabe, gives us an update on projects he shared with the city council.