Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 1/14/19

Marysville City Council met Monday, adopting an ordinance allowing use of utility vehicles on city streets was approved, with the mayor breaking a 3-3 tie vote. They will need to be inspected bi-annually for safety and granted a license. An outline of restrictions will be drafted, with implementation anticipated April 1st. Voting no were Darlene Boss, citing safety issues, Terry Hughes had concern with a requirement for turn signals and not allowing hand signals, and Diane Schroller expressed safety issues, particularly with operation on Broadway. Operation on Center Street will not be allowed. They can only operate on city streets sunrise to sunset.

Kevin Crome, Chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee requested a workshop with the council to address the city comprehensive plan.

City Administrator Austin St. John presented a sample survey that will be sent to 504 households, to determine percentage of low/moderate income residences within the city. The survey is required for the city to be considered for grants for construction of a possible new fire station.

A recommendation from the Airport Committee to move widening the runway ahead of improving taxiways on the city priority list was turned down on a 2-4 vote. It was suggested that some corporate aircraft may not be using the local airport due to the current runway width.

A motion unanimously passed to approve $60,000 to repair a section of U.S. Highway 36 near 17th Street that is breaking up. Council members expressed frustration that the highway section had been resurfaced just two years ago but was past a one-year warranty. Proceeds will be used from the sales tax fund.

The Admin and Finance Committee suggested no change to the city employee longevity plan, noting additional benefits that city workers receive, in comparison with the county pay scale. Approval was given for Kathy Ungerer as Swimming Pool Manager, and Austin Watts as reserve police officer.

Yearend financials were reviewed, with the general fund at $458,000, including a $105,000 estimated carryover. Water and sewer funds were larger than anticipated. The balance in the sales tax fund was $793,000. Revenue was higher than anticipated, as were expenses. Those expenses were cited as necessary spending options. Some $600,000 of that fund is earmarked for improvements to the 10th and Center Street intersection, and work on U.S. Highway 77 this next summer. Austin St. John indicated that good progress was made this past year with regard to financials.