Kansas Weather Summary for 2018

A number of significant weather events occurred in Kansas last year. April set a new record as the coldest since 1895 with a statewide average temperature of 46-point-7 degrees. May ranked as the second warmest on record with a statewide average temperature of 70-point-6 degrees. And, October ended up being the second wettest on record with a statewide average that month of 5-point-88 inches… 259% above normal.

Kansas State University climatologist Mary Knapp says one of the unusual things about 2018 was the fact that typically dry areas were wetter-than-normal and traditionally wet areas were drier-than-normal.

On the dry side, Knapp says east-central Kansas fell well short of its normal precipitation for the year.

On the temperature side, it was cooler-than-normal statewide. However, Knapp says it was only by two-tenths of a degree.

In the latest edition of the K-State Agronomy eUpdate, Knapp provides a month-by-month look at some of the significant weather events affecting Kansas in 2018. You can access that report online at: agronomy.ksu.edu.