JenRus Freelance to offer “Remarkably Rural” online/onsite consulting solutions

JenRus Freelance, based in Courtland, Kan., is excited to announce a new division called
Remarkably Rural consulting solutions. It provides the only rural based marketing
consultants who are coaching small places to reach big audiences through personalized
workshops and visits. Andy Stanton from Hays, former advertising professor at Fort
Hays State University, leads the Remarkably Rural effort with support services provided
by the team at JenRus Freelance.

To kick off this consulting service, Remarkably Rural will provide a free Facebook Live
event covering E-mail Marketing 101 on January 8, 2019, at 3 pm at Email Marketing was the top subject of interest
indicated by a polled general audience. The online class gave a feel for the kind of
content that will be included in Remarkably Rural offerings. Customers will have the
ability to purchase on-line content and courses through the Remarkably Rural website.

If a community wishes to get five or more organizations together, the team will even come
out to their town and personalize marketing help to specific needs. Community banks,
Chambers, or Economic Development Organizations might even want to coordinate and
provide this option for respective communities.

“In our many years of rural economic development experience and in small towns
everywhere, we often hear, ‘I know that I need marketing, but I don't think I can afford
marketing help’. Small business is tough when it's a one- or two-person shop with a very small budget. We also see a need for training and assistance for organizations like
museums, economic development offices, civic organizations, and cities. This is our
solution,” stated JenRus Freelance owner, Jenny Russell.

JenRus Freelance Partner, Luke Mahin, pointed out, most rural programs often come
from an urban perspective that doesn’t always translate to the actual needs of that rural
place. The Remarkably Rural consulting solutions team brings a deep understanding of
rural and marketing, personalized and brought directly to your community from four
educated consultants from a combined hometown population of less than 1300 people
and no stoplights.

JenRus Freelance is a marketing company located in Courtland, KS. The company
specializes in marketing, website development, graphic design, economic development,
and social media marketing through avenues like Facebook. To join the FREE Facebook
Live event about Email Marketing with Remarkably Rural visit,