Downs City Council – December 17, 2018

Regular meeting of the mayor and council was held December 17, 2018, 5:30 p.m. at city hall.  Mayor John Bisnette presided. Council members present: Evan Joy, Jane VanDonge, Charlie Stevens, Devin Renken, and Tonya Kuhn.  Also in attendance: Bruce Berkley, Joyce and Donnie Stephenson, Josh Hofflinger, Vickie Oviatt, LaRhea Cole, Bernita Smith.

Mayor Bisnette called the meeting to order and led in the flag salute.

Tonya moved, seconded by Jane, to approve the minutes of the December 3, 2018 meeting.  Carried.

Joyce Stephenson was present for an extension on her water bill payment.  Tonya moved, seconded by Jane to extend the payment on Joyce Stephenson’s water bill to pay half on Friday and the rest in January.  Carried.

City Attorney reported on prices for a land survey on the Railroad extension.  Evan moved to proceed with the land survey from Schwab Eaton, not to exceed $2,000.00.  Charlie seconded. Evan, Charlie, Devin, Jane – Yes; Tonya – No. Motion carried.

Josh Hofflinger reported on his water certification refresher course and testing at Emporia.  Johnson Service was here to do sewer jetting. Josh would like to cover all of the town every four years.  Employees are doing tree trimming work at the cemetery and will be billing for the water dispenser.

City Clerk shared a card from the employees thanking the council for the Christmas bonus.

Bruce reported for the fire department that the pumper works great.  A hose test was completed Saturday and Sunday. A letter was received from Dave Hardy, fire department treasurer, requesting payment for the department’s insurance, fire meetings, and fire runs.  There was discussion.

Fluoridation was discussed.  Bernita Smith was present and provided additional information on DVD and books concerning the dangers of fluoridation in the public water supply.  In her opinion, it is poisoning people. Council replied that they intend to add the question to the vote of the people during the primary election.

Jane moved, seconded by Evan, to approve the special use permit #19-01.  Carried.

Tonya moved, seconded by Jane, to approve city licenses #19-24 through #19-30.  Carried.

Tonya moved to approve CMB license #19-06.  Jane seconded the motion. Carried.

Evan moved to approve demolition permits #18-18 through #18-20.  Tonya seconded. Carried.

Council discussed the KDOT project K-181 from Osborne Street to Delay Street.  The ad will be published and three engineering consultants will be notified for interest.  Tonya moved to notify Burns and McDonnell; Wilson & Co.; and Schwab-Eaton of the project and respond by January 17, 2019.  Jane seconded. Carried.

Council agreed to have a special year-end meeting on December 28th at noon.

Bruce reported that the deed to the lots by the Lighthouse church was located.

Devin asked about an update on the process to allow auxiliary buildings.  There was discussion concerning the planning commission’s recommendations.

Vouchers were reviewed and signed.  Jane moved, seconded by Devin, to approve vouchers as presented.  Carried.

At 6:50 p.m., Tonya moved to adjourn the meeting.  Jane seconded. Carried. Meeting adjourned.