Smith County Commissioners – November 5, 2018


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Journal of Proceedings for the Smith County Commissioners

November 5, 2018

The County Commissioners met in a regular session on November 5, 2018 in the County Commissioners’ Room. Present were Commissioners Art Befort, Tom James and Roger Allen.
Also present were Sharon Wolters, Clerk; and, Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor.

Allen opened the meeting with prayer.

Commissioners approved the agenda for the November 5, 2018 meeting.

Commissioners revised, approved, and signed the October 29, 2018 minutes.

Commissioners approved voucher #38218-38241 from the following accounts:

General                     4450.69

Health                    18876.94

Noxious Weed                   108.12

County Health                   312.35

Appraiser                   644.20

Landfill                         34.00

Health Care Sale Tax                172.50

EMS                     1542.73

Health Care Sales Tax               172.50

Health Insurance Reserve Acct.         1156.00

TOTAL                  $ 27,297.53

Fritz discussed the following topics:

  1. James discussed tree maintenance on 180 Road between B & C Roads.  Fritz indicated that the road department will complete tree maintenance at this location.
  2. James discussed tube maintenance on A Road between 80 & 90 Roads.  Fritz agreed to complete maintenance at this location.
  3. James discussed a tube located on I Road between 100 & 110 Roads.  James asked to have the tube at this location replaced.
  4. James asked Fritz for an update on C & 200 Roads.  Fritz indicated the maintenance is complete at this location.
  5. Allen discussed maintenance on DD Road between 220 & 230 Roads.  Fritz indicated that he will have a drainage study completed at this location.
  6. Allen discussed maintenance needed on 220 Road between CC & DD Roads.
  7. Fritz reported that L Road should be completed in the next two weeks.
  8. Befort discussed maintenance south of 120 & BB Lane location.  Befort asked Fritz to evaluate maintenance at this location.
  9. Befort discussed DD Road between 120 Road and 140 Roads and 130 Road between BB Lane and DD Road.
  10. Befort discussed AA Road north of 120 Road.
  11. Befort discussed drainage after removal of a tube at 110 and AA Roads.   Fritz agreed to attempt to make a correction at this location.
  12. Befort reviewed pictures of AA Road south of 120 Road.  Befort discussed a damaged tube at this location.
  13. Befort discussed maintenance completed on AA Road between 140 & 150 Roads.  Befort stated that the repairs have worked very well at this location and thanked Fritz for the work well done.
  14. Befort showed a video of 20 Road between Highway 281 and EE Road.  Commissioners discussed the road materials used at this location. James asked about using the shale and concrete mixture at other locations.
  15. Befort asked about maintenance at the McCartney residence entrance.
  16. Fritz reported that he met with two representatives from Landmark Implement to review mower lease purchases.   Fritz indicated that Smith County puts too many hours on the mowers for the lease purchase agreement investigated.  Fritz reported on John Deere tractor/mower prices. James clarified current mower use. Fritz indicated that an additional seasonal employee would be needed if a mower is added.   Commissioners held additional discussion of mowing needs in the county.
  17. Fritz discussed the concrete pile that was previously discussed.   Fritz reviewed pricing discussed; but, reported that no price has been set at this time.
  18. Fritz asked about using the county blade to assist with one time maintenance of city roads in Gaylord.  Commissioners agreed to assistance with the project.
  19. Fritz reported on additional rock projects.
  20. Fritz reported that the Dispatch Bridge project will be postponed.
  21. Commissioners approved a one-time exception to the funeral policy as follows:

Any road department employee who wishes to attend Mike Hrabe’s funeral service may attend with no pay reduction or use of vacation or sick time.

Fritz left the meeting and Hageman joined the meeting.

Hageman discussed the following:

  1. Hageman reported that there is a noon meeting today to discuss the Wellness Center business plan.
  2. Hageman asked about department head meetings.  Hageman suggested tabling the department head meetings at this time.  Commissioners agreed.
  3. Hageman discussed TV from the hospital which has been moved to the wellness center.
  4. Hageman discussed additional meeting schedule which includes LEPC meeting held November 6, 2018.
  5. Hageman reported on a computer issue.  Sheryl Budke, Nex Tech, joined the meeting and discussed the software issue.  Budke indicated that a software change is available that may fix the network problem.  Budke explained additional proposals for secured storage for the health department data.  Commissioners approved the back-up proposal of $195.00/month and authorized a change to Microsoft Pro.  Commissioners also approved an IT audit to be performed by Nex-Tech. Budke also agreed to address billing overlap and road department internet.
  6. Hageman updated commissioners on yoga classes that will be provided at the wellness center.

Hageman and Budke left the meeting.  Eastes joined the meeting.

Eastes discussed the following:

  1. Eastes provided statistical report for October.  EMS received 67 calls in October.
  2. Eastes reported that the new billing software has now gone live.  Eastes reported that additional collections have already been realized.
  3. Eastes reviewed a preventative maintenance agreement for the EMS cots.  Commissioners reviewed the agreement and signed the agreement for 2019.
  4. Eastes reported that one of the current EMS employees has been accepted to the paramedic training.  Eastes reported that the state matching grant program will reimburse for most of the cost of the program.
  5. Befort asked Eastes to update information on the ambulance grant request and on the current status of an ambulance purchase.

Eastes left the meeting.

Commissioners signed a letter of support for the Smith Center City van grant program.

Allen left the meeting.

The chairman signed an adjusted agreement for the Hwy. 36 APAC project.

Melissa Gromley and Melissa Ille, ABBB Chtd. Public Accountants, joined the meeting and presented an adjusted 2016 audit report to reflect more accurately the USDA debt for the SCMH/Great Plains of Smith County.    Befort signed the client representation letter for the reissued audit report. Gromley also asked for any additional questions concerning services provided by ABBB. Gromley and Ille left the meeting.

Kerry Ferguson joined the meeting and discussed a proposal to use water located on his property in Phillips County by Rural Water Dist. #1.  Ferguson indicated that A Road may be affected. Ferguson discussed closing 40 Road between A & B Roads. Ferguson asked the commissioners to consider maintenance on A Road between the state line and 30 Road if 40 Road between A & B Roads were closed.   Ferguson indicated that the timeline for the project may be 2-3 years. James asked Ferguson to mark a map showing where he was requesting maintenance. Ferguson gave Fritz a map showing where he wished to have additional maintenance.

Commissioners received a request for a phone conference with Randy Schamp and asked Wolters to contact Schamp to see if commissioners can put him on the agenda for next week.   Wolters agreed to contact Schamp to make an appointment for next week.

Commissioners agreed to meet on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 for their regularly scheduled meeting due to the Veterans Day Holiday.

As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned.


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