Norton Co Board of Commissioners November 13, 2018

Norton Co Board of Commissioners
November 13, 2018

Commissioner Charles Posson called the meeting of the Norton Co Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 AM on November 13, 2018 at the Commission Room. Attendance: Richard Thompson, Present: Charles Posson, Present: Thomas Brannan , Present.

Canvass November 2018 General Election
The Norton County Commission serving as the County Canvass Board reviewed the ballots for the 2018 November General election. The commission was provided a canvassing guide from the election standards. Ballots were canvassed and the tally’s were entered into the election abstract. Canvassing board and election officials signed the abstract of votes cast.

The Bank
Bruce Weigel, The Bank was present to have the commission review and sign the lease purchase for the recent purchase of a compactor for the landfill. The lease purchase was approved during the meeting on October 31st, 2018. The 5 year lease was signed and approved as submitted. The lease purchase is for the 2012 Caterpillar 816F compactor.

Craig Sowards, EMS
Craig Sowards, Norton County EMS delivered a final quote to the commission for the new unit purchased. The quote was amended from the first quote due to some upgrade changes made. The final quote for the Osage unit was $166,950.00 which included a $3,000 trade in on the 1997 van.
Craig spoke with the commission about a grant and support funding for an individual wanting to attend paramedic schooling. The commission agreed that if the individual would sign a two year commitment to the Norton County EMS they would help with the educational fee.

Noxious Weed
Clarence Wetter, Norton County Noxious Weed was present to deliver chemical bids Clarence provided three company quotes to the commission for review. Each company was selected for the chemical in which they provided the lowest quote. After review of the quotes Commissioner Thompson made a motion to approve the quote from Nutrien for the Vista XRT and to accept the bid from VDSC and Sims on the other chemical with the lowest quote. The motion was given a second from Commissioner Brannan. Motion passed.

November 5th minutes
A motion was made by Commissioner Brannan to approve the commissioner minutes from the November 5th, 2018 meeting. The motion was given a second from Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed 3-0.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned until I V19/2018. The commission minutes are not considered official until signed and approved and will remain a working document until approved by the commission.