K-State students to present ideas for Beloit’s Chautauqua Park and downtown corridor

The City of Beloit invited students from K-State’s College of Architecture, Planning and Design to use Beloit as a class project to develop a vision for the downtown and Chautauqua Park corridor.

You are invited to an exhibition and open house tonight, November 14, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at The Porter House located at 209 East Main Street, Beloit. Imagine giving 20 talented and energetic college students a blank slate to re-imagine a part of the community?

You will not want to miss their final presentation on Wednesday night. This is a come-and-go event with light refreshments and where you can see each presentation and visit with some of the students about their ideas for Beloit.

This fall students in Urban Design and Development program traveled to Beloit on September 19 to tour the study area and meet with city administrators, design professionals, local historians, and civic leaders.

Jesse and Emily Benedick are among the Beloit design professionals spearheading the effort. The final work will be exhibited at a public open house in Beloit this evening, November 14, and everyone is welcome to attend to talk with students about their proposals.

K-State Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) is supporting class activities with funding and environmental science expertise from Maggie Egbarts. Urban Design and Development is taught by Associate Professor Blake Belanger and Assistant Professor Susmita Rishi at K-State.