Minutes of the Norton County Commissioners meeting of November 5,2018

Minutes of the Norton County Commissioners meeting of November 5,2018
9:00 A.M. Chairman Charles Posson called the meeting to order. Present were Commissioners Richard Thompson, Tom Brannan, and Charles Posson. Absent were County Clerk Robert Wyatt and Counsellor Doug Sebelius.
Richard Thompson moved to approve the minutes of the meeting on October 31, 2018, seconded by Tom Brannan and was approved unanimously.
First visitor of the day was Road and Bridge Superintendent Floyd Richard. He informed the commission the department was returning to a five day work week.
Also Floyd said two department employees would be retiring within the next two months and would like to advertise for replacement personnel as well as two additional employees as the department is short handed and cannot keep up with the work load. The commissioners agreed this would be

Noxious Weed department head Clarence Wetter was the next visitor. He presented the commissioners with copies of the new Noxious weed laws passed by the state legislature.
Clarence asked the commission for permission to replace his old outdated computer and purchase better strobe lights for the spray vehicles. The commission allowed the purchases. Clarence told the Commission he had not received the bids for spray chemicals for next year but expected them by next tneeting.
Norton City Code Inspector Jeff Wolf was the next visitor. He informed the commission of the proposed demolition of the house at 811 N. Archer. He asked the commission if they would accept that house as the third house of three the city is allowed to put in the landfill for a 50% reduction of the landfill fees. The commission granted the request.
Doug Sebelius joined the meeting.
The laws governing the canvassing of votes in the upcoming election were discussed with the

commissioners. The new law concerning the Noxious Weed was also discussed.
County Clerk Robert Wyatt joined the meeting and presented bids for financing rates for the lease purchase of a Caterpillar 816F2 trash compactor for the landfill. Bids were received from Caterpillar, the First State Bank, Solutions North Bank, and The bank. Richard Thompson moved to approve The Bank as low bidder for the purchase of the trash compactor for $339,500. with an interest rate of 3.73% for five years. Tom Brannan seconded the motion, and it was passed by unanimous vote.
With no further business before the commission, the meeting was adjourned.