Area Election Results Roundup

Results from the general election Tuesday showed 3,895 Marshall County voters turning out to the polls. Barb Kickaefer was elected 1st District County Commissioner over Steve Boyda with 52% of ballots cast, 704 – 650. Kickaefer will assume the seat of Bob Connell, who did not seek reelection.

Bill Pannbacker of Washington was uncontested winning the Kansas House District 106 position, with 3,242 votes in Marshall County, and 1,864 in Washington County. He takes the seat of Clay Aurand, who did not run.

In the 62nd District, which includes Nemaha County, Randy Garber of Sabetha won with 70% of ballots cast, over Mel Baker of Seneca.

For U.S. House of Representatives, Roger Marshall held off a challenge in the big 1st District from Alan LaPolice. Marshall took 61% in Marshall, and 75% in Washington counties. For the 2nd District, which includes a portion of Marshall County, Steve Watkins was declared the winner. He led Marshall County ballots as well, with two thirds of the vote.

Marshall and Washington counties voted majority republican across the statewide offices ballot, and all of those were also majority winners across Kansas, with exception of Governor. In Marshall County Kris Kobach netted 47%, Laura Kelly 40%, and Greg Orman 8% while in Washington County Kobach took 58%, Kelly 27%, and Orman 12%.

For Secretary of State Scott Schwab carried 63% of Marshall, with 76% in Washington county. Attorney General Derek Schmidt won 74% of Marshall County, and 86% of Washington. For State Treasurer, Jake Laturner took 73% in Marshall, and 85% in Washington County. Vicki Schmidt was elected Insurance Commissioner, carrying 80% of Marshall, and 88% of Washington ballots.

In Gage County, City of Beatrice voters chose to advance a half cent sales tax, for construction of a new fire station, with 53% voting yes. The measure is expected to generate $1 million annually. Myron Dorn, who had served as chair of the Gage County Board of Supervisors was elected to the District 30 legislative seat, defeating Don Schuller taking 53% of votes. He will take the seat of Roy Baker, representing Gage and Southern Lancaster counties.

Top three vote getters for the Southern School District were Angela Meyer with 522, David Zimmerman 513, and Jim Zvolanek 469. Top three for Diller-Odell School District were Adam Engleman with 271, Angie Clifford 227, and Tony Landenberger 218.

For U.S. Senate, Deb Fisher was the winner, carrying 59% of Gage County ballots. Adrian Smith was elected to Congress and took 69% in Gage County. Pete Ricketts reelected as Governor, he tallied 63% of the voting in Gage County.