November Exhibition at the Art Center Focuses on Time

The November exhibition at the Lee Dam Center for Fine Art focuses on time and its relationship to memories. The ceramic sculptures are designed by Iren Tete, originally from Sofia, Bulgaria.

The exhibit, “where the present ends and the shadows begin,” opens Thursday, November 8, and closes Saturday, December 1.

The art center is open Thursdays from 4-6 p.m.; Saturdays from 10-4 p.m.; Sundays from 1-4 p.m.

“My fascination with time stems from my own complicated relationship with it,” Tete said. “I spent my adolescence split between two countries, two languages, two cultures. This resulted in a complex and fragmented understanding of time. Rather than being linear, I consider it to behave like a pendulum. As if having a Janus head, I simultaneously look forward and backward, oscillating between the nostalgia of the past and the potential of the future.”

Tete creates sculptures that are informed by the formal language of architecture.

“As a young child growing up in post-communist Bulgaria, I was surrounded by Brutalist apartment blocks,” he said. “My understanding of these buildings transitioned from that of symbols of oppression to monuments of structural integrity and material honesty. Although I use clay rather than concrete to build my forms, I utilize it in a way that highlights its intrinsic values of color and texture.”

Tete received his Bachelor of Science in health science from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virg. After he graduated Tete did a number of ceramics residencies that led him to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he currently studies.

He will graduate with his Master of Fine Arts in May, and then will apply to numerous universities all over the country looking for a job or a residency.

“I’m not sure where I’ll be next year but I’m excited for a change,” he said.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Marshall County Arts Cooperative. For more information visit the arts cooperative’s website