Osborne County Commissioner – October 15, 2018

Present: Alfred Reif, C.W. “Bill” Seaman, Craig Pottberg, and Vienna Janis, County Clerk.

Alfred Reif called the meeting to order at 8:56 a.m.

Craig Pottberg moved to approve the minutes for October 8, 2018 as amended, Alfred Reif second. Vote: all motion carried.

Commissioners signed and approved checks and vouchers totaling $65,893.89:

General            $34,183.03

Road & Bridge            9,985.07

Health                4,128.12

Appraiser’s Cost        1,231.00

Election            138.64

Noxious Weed            7,298.78

Ambulance            3,844.94

Waste Disposal        2,426.18

OFD #1 General        757.55

OFD #2 General        147.19

Osborne County E-Waste    365.26

Osborne County 911        1,388.13

Total        65,893.89

Brent “Bo” French met with commissioners to update them on the following: TREB has finished up the building repair on Friday, spoke with Dean Oliver regarding rock, presented purchase of right of way and easements for project 71C-4921-01 that needed to be signed, discussed roads, wind farms, and mower.

Gary Doane met with commissioners to discuss the economic proposal and funding a position. Commissioners discussed the issue of giving money to fund economic development or having the position be a county employee. Commissioners would consider monetary support and not have the economic development position be a county position. If the position is going to be under the supervision of county commissioners they want total authority to hire and fire the person. Gary Doane stated that there are a lot of young people on this committee who would like to see this happen. They would be willing to volunteer and get involved. Gary Doane shared an agenda for Osborne County Leadership Class and invited commissioners to attend one of the classes. Commissioners stated they are waiting to hear back from Paul Gregory on the proposal.

Alfred Reif moved to hold commissioners meeting on October 31, 2018 to pay bills and payroll and not meet on Monday, October 29, 2018, C.W. Seaman second. Vote: all motion carried.

Tom Bowler met with commissioners to see if they had heard from KAPE Roofing. Craig Pottberg called KAPE Roofing and spoke with Duane Isaacson regarding the roof and they will be in contact.

Pat Carlin stopped in and commissioners asked if the building was done yet. Pat Carlin stated “no” but that they will be starting work soon.

Alfred Reif moved to adjourn the meeting with no other business, Craig Pottberg second. Vote: all motion carried. Meeting ended at 10:50 a.m.