Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 10/22/18

The Marysville City Council met Monday. A volunteer waiver form draft was reviewed. Appropriate paperwork will now be requested for anyone volunteering on community projects on city property. The matter was prompted by discussion when volunteers stepped forward offering to install a disc golf course in Marysville City Park. That disc golf proposal drew questions from the mayor again toward the end of the meeting. Carla Grund expressed concern that the city did not have a professional assist with design of the course. Revisions had been made to an initial design concept. Council members Todd Frye and Jason Barnes pointed out that the project, funded by private contributions comes to the city at minimal cost. Back and forth discussion also included variances between the city park installation, and the Lakeview complex. Council had voted to move forward on a trial basis with a disc golf course at each location for a period of six months, and then will review them along with citizen surveys.

Planning and Zoning Committee will hold a public hearing November 15, moving forward a proposal adding a zoning class C1A and C2A, which would allow first floor residential occupancy in the half block south of the alley between Broadway and Elm.

After lengthy discussion, no action was taken on various means considered for mosquito control, opting to see if they were a problem again next summer. Final plans were presented, and council approved moving forward with construction of a three-side salt shed on city owned property at the northeast corner of 3rd and Elm Streets.

Concern with poor conditions on the gravel portion of North 8th Street, and Jayhawk Road led to further frustrations heard from residents along North 12th Road, and North 11th Road east of Marysville. Road rock, and grading practices on N. 8th and Jayhawk were discussed, and the mayor urged a meeting be set with the street committee and Marysville township board as to North 11th and 12th Roads, maintenance of which is jointly shared. The mayor also plans to meet with county commissioners, following the November election to discuss shared road agreements.

City council appeared hesitant regarding an initial request from a cell phone tower operator who was considering a lease of city property for construction of a 50’ tower to the outside of the Feldhausen Field fence. No action was taken pending a request for additional information.

Code enforcement efforts for clean-up of nuisance properties continue. It was advised that city clean up week will be November 12-16, with city crews passing neighborhoods by section. That will be the final week that the city brush dump site will be open daily.

Approval was given for hiring Deb Schwindamann as Payroll Clerk, and Heather Felty as Utility Clerk, with the recent promotion of Cindy Holle to City Clerk. The first meeting in November will be Tuesday, November 13 at 7 p.m. on account of Veterans Day Monday. The December 24 meeting will be moved on account of Christmas Eve, to Friday, December 28 to begin at 5:15 p.m.