Sen. Jerry Moran addresses state and federal issues at Beloit Lion’s Club

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) was the keynote speaker at the Beloit Lion’s Club meeting held in the Severance Student Union Conference Room on the campus of NCK Tech. He began his remarks by pointing out positives of the organization which helped him as a member in his early 20’s to network with and become familiar with people in the community in a town he had recently moved to work as a banker where he basically knew no one. He also discussed his sustained status as an active member who helped charter a club in Washington D.C.

The senator opened his general remarks reiterating that his initial motivation for becoming involved in politics remain his focus in continuing in the endeavor today.

On policy issues, Sen. Moran began with the farm bill. The House and Senate passed their individual versions of a new farm bill in July.

He then moved on to international trade.

Moran discussed how vital he felt it was to continue NAFTA with Mexico and Canada.

He continued to discuss how a tentative agreement with Mexico will hopefully create leverage to get Canada onboard and not potentially lose portions of our international agriculture market to other countries. Particularly Argentina and Brazil.

The senator continued discussion agriculture and trade agreements. He discussed updated trade deals being negotiated with Mexico and Canada (NAFTA).

He also discussed the Trans-Pacific Partnership with Asian nations and transitioned into discussion on tariffs and the meddling of China who has long engaged in economic warfare with the United States.

Senator Moran continued with his comments on trade and tariffs.

He spoke about program through the USDA to compensate farmers from potential losses due to the maneuvering between he US and China on tariffs.

The long time Kansas legislator summarized his comments on the issue of trade and tariffs with an assurance to keep fighting for Kansas farmers and ranchers

As the conversation continued, the topic moved to health care and Moran took questions.

Jay Rowe of Beloit is the President of the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature. He said three years ago one of their proposals was prolong the Medicare system, which is considered to be solvent through about 2030 to 2034. He wants to see work begin now to ensure it’s extension is ensured well beyond that and asked Senator Moran how Congress can make that happen.

Senator Moran went on to suggest that during the second term of President Obama would have been the best time, from a political standpoint, to work on changes to lengthen the solvency

He continued to discuss the prospect of successfully navigating what he portrayed as a touchy political issue.

The Senator concluded on the topic suggesting that the most politically expedient, and least politically risky way to extend the solvency of Medicare is to make decisions that impact future recipients rather than current recipients.

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