Smith County Commissioners – September 4, 2018


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The Smith County Commissioners met in a regular session on September 4, 2018 in the County Commissioners’ Room. Present were Commissioners Art Befort, Roger Allen and Tom James.   Also present were Joell Wagenblast, Deputy Clerk; and, Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor.

Allen opened the meeting with prayer.

Commissioners approved the agenda for the September 4, 2018 meeting.

Commissioners revised, approved, and signed the August 27, 2018 minutes.

Commissioners approved payroll for $107,805.64.

Commissioners approved voucher #37860-37885 from the following accounts:

General                                               16570.19

Road & Bridge                                         115.00                                                                                                         Health                                                    1617.19

Appraiser                                                 691.53

Landfill                                                    530.00

EMS                                                          373.20

Health Care Sale Tax                                217.72

TOTAL                                         $    20114.83

Commissioners received a letter from Starr Jacobs concerning the wellness center.  Commissioners asked Jacobs to discuss the wellness center at 10:30 today.

Fritz discussed the following:

  1. James thanked Fritz for Completing the work requested by Billy Thayer. Thayer was satisfied with the work done.
  2. James asked Fritz if the project on U Road ¼ mile north of 90 Road has been completed.
  3. Allen discussed a call from Larry Pennington about weeds on 200 Road west of Hwy. 281. Fritz report that the maintenance has been completed.
  4. Allen reported that he received a complaint about the use of acronym in the minutes.
  5. Allen asked about the walls in the basement.
  6. Befort asked Fritz if they had completed the maintenance on L Road between 265 & 270. Fritz stated that it was not done yet, but could get it done today.
  7. Befort stated that he had received numerous calls from Kelly Lyon thanking the county for the work done on 60 Road. Fritz reported that they still have a little bit left to do.
  8. Befort discussed a call about road work completed near Gaylord.
  9. Befort discussed patching on 50 Road from P Road to S Road with crushed concrete. Fritz reported the patching is done.  Befort said that he received reports that there was a lot of junk in the crushed concrete.
  10. James discussed the L Road project. Fritz reported they are to 220 Road.
  11. Befort asked about 165 Road. Fritz stated that he had to go check out a different rock pit, since he is unable to get to the landfill pit.  Fritz reported they are through T intersection working east.
  12. Befort discussed the excavator. Fritz stated that the ground speed is slower, but also has some advantages.
  13. Fritz discussed breaking the county down into quarters and having a tractor and mower in each quarter. Fritz stated that Plan A is to always have mower guys, but as a back-up plan allow the blade men to mow their districts since they know their district the best.  James liked that idea but only if the blade men don’t get behind on their blade work.  James stated that Plan A should be used unless a special situation comes up.

Kelly Lyon joined the meeting.

  1. Befort discussed if it would be better to buy used tractors from the state or if it is better to buy new. Commissioners decided to discuss it at a later date.
  1. Lyon thanked the commissioners and Fritz for the work done on 60 Road.
  2. Lyon discussed the cleanness of the crushed concrete used on 50 Road.

Lyon left the meeting.

  1. Fritz will get hold of Ryan Rietzke about the cleanness of the crushed concrete.
  2. Fritz reported that last Thursday night he had a meeting with KDOT. They inspected 69 bridges, and they want 6 closed right away.  Fritz stated that he has some of the road department workers putting up weight limit signs.  Penco Engineering is reworking some of the numbers on weight limits so sign can be hung.
  3. Befort discussed a call he receive about not blading 30 Road between DD & EE. There was a fiber optic line cut and had to be repaired.  Befort instructed Fritz to tell all blade men if they hit the warning tape while working roads they need to report it right away.

Laura Hageman joined the meeting.

Fritz left the meeting.

Hageman discussed the following:

  1. Hageman reported that Wilson Communication was here a couple weeks ago and did an IT audit. She will be meeting with them at a later date to go over the concerns that they found.
  2. Hageman informed the commissioners that she has her new computer up and running.
  3. Hageman will be in Beloit on Wednesday for meeting
  4. Hageman discussed an upcoming school inspection class coming up on September 12th. She will be attending the first day and Sherry Koster will be attending all three days.  Hageman reported that Koster and she will do the school inspection together this first year and then decided for following years.
  5. Hageman asked the commissioners if they could clarify her role and authority with the wellness center. James encouraged Hageman to work with Starr Jacobs and the wellness center committee to define roles.

Hageman left the meeting.

Vernon Reinking joined the meeting.

Reinking talked about the tax sale.  Reinking want to know if a tax payer was set up on escrow trying to get caught up would it be ok to let them slide and take them off the tax sale.  Commissioners agreed that it would be ok to take them off the tax sale if they are set up on escrow and making an attempt to get their back taxes caught up.

Reinking left the meeting.

Commissioners signed one pay raise for longevity.

Commissioners signed a contract for propane though Midway Coop.

James made a motion to elect Befort as voting delegate for Smith County for matters pertaining to KCAMP, and James as alternate.  Allen second it.  Motion passed.

Starr Jacobs joined the meeting.

Befort asked Jacobs to work with Hageman and the wellness center committee to define roles at the wellness center.  Befort discussed getting a couple more members on the wellness center committee.  Befort stated that he thinks that Hageman, Jacobs, and he should step down as members of the wellness center committee and only attend the meeting as observers and not voting delegate.

Befort asked Wagenblast to contact the hospital to establish the last day the hospital needs access to the old building, and report back to him.

Jacobs discussed the possibility of having a PTA/Message Therapist.  Befort asked Jacobs to discuss it with Hageman.

Befort asked Jacobs about a lock box for the wellness center.  Jacobs indicated that simpler is better.

Jacobs stated that there will be a strategic planning meeting on September 13.  Commissioners thanked Jacobs for coming in.   Jacobs left the meeting

Godsey discussed the lease that the fair board had with the county.  Godsey also discussed the use of the fairgrounds for Old Settler’s day.

Godsey informed the commissioners their intent to build a new show ring and tear down the old one.

Anna Porter joined the meeting.

James suggest the fair board get a written policy together for the use of the fair grounds.  Commissioners thanked Godsey for coming.  Godsey left the meeting.

Porter discussed with the commissioners her current work schedule with Jewell and Harper Counties.  Befort asked Porter what her commitment to Harper County was.  Porter stated it was until the employee in Harper got licensed or August 2019, which ever came first.  James asked what her schedule would be if she were only serving Jewell and Smith County.  Porter stated it would be something that they would have to work out at that time; but, she believed it would work well without many problems.  Porter stated that mileage from her residence in Belleville to Smith County would be covered by her.

Befort asked Porter to bring a proposal for serving as the Smith County Appraiser to the commissioners.

Befort asked Porter if she would anticipate any new limitations for the appraiser’s office if she worked both places.  Porter stated that the only one she could see is that she wouldn’t be available to meet in-person every day, but she would only be a county away and could possibly be there later in the day or next day.  Commissioners thanked Porter for coming in to discuss the appraisers’ position.

As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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