Norton Co Board of Commissioners September 10, 2018


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Norton Co Board of Commissioners
September 10, 2018

Commissioner Charles Posson called the meeting of the Norton Co Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 AM on September 10, 2018 at the Commission Room. Attendance: Richard Thompson, Present: Charles Posson, Present: Thomas Brannan, Present.

Emergency Management
Kathleen Conrad, Norton County Emergency Management was in to speak with the commissioners about the application to the EMPG grant. It is time to apply for the grant and the application will need the Commission Chairman signature. Commission Chairman Posson signed the grant which will be approximately $17,000.00.
Kathleen reported that September 14th and 15th there will be a Traffic Incident Management training in Norton. The meeting will be held 4-H meeting on Friday from 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm and on Saturday from 8:00 am till 12:00 noon. The meeting is to focus safety for all responders.
A regional fire school is being scheduled for Friday and Saturday of October 5th and 6th in Norton. Kathleen stated that this will be beneficial for local fire departments and EMS for continuing education and training locally.

August 31st, 2018 Minutes
A motion was made by Commissioner Brannan to approve the minutes from the August3 lst, 2018 commission meeting. The motion was given a second from Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed 3-0.

Health Insurance Renewal
County Clerk Robert D. Wyatt informed the commission that the renewal form for the County employees health insurance was received. The rates received vary from a 5.2% to 7.2%, depending on the coverage. The commission approved the renewal and authorized County Clerk to signed and submit to BCBS.

Norton County EMS
Craig Sowards, Norton County EMS director was in to visit with the commission about the EMS units. Craig stated that he believes that the county can reduce the number of units by one (1), going from 5 units to
4. In a recent visit to Lenora a request was made to have the Norton County EMS unit removed. Craig looked into the records and the unit has not responded to a call for the past two years. During this time, the Norton unit has always responded. The commission discussed the request and felt that the Norton unit has responded for a period of time adequately and the cost to maintain the 5 unit is expensive. The unit will be moved to the Norton facility.

Shawn Mortensen, Computer IT
Shawn Mortensen, Norton County IT was in to visit with the commission about updating the county’s server. The current server is several years old and the storage capacity is nearly used up. The quote provided is for a Power Edge R530 server. The server quoted is larger than the current server which will allow for the county’s future plans of expansion. Commissioner Brannan made a motion to approve the bid in the amount of$12,772.00 with a second from Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed 3-0. Chairman Posson also recommended that the old server be placed at EMS which would improve their storage and back up capacity. Shawn stated that it would not be a problem to clean the data off the old server and relocate to EMS.

Community Garden
Reva Benien, Norton Community Garden Treasurer was in to visit with the commission about a workshop they will be having for a burn demonstration. The Community Garden received a Biochar grant that will allow the garden to use compost for future garden seasons. Reva wanted to explain the process and make sure the county commission is okay with the process.

Dalton McDowell
Dalton was in to speak with the commission about Road E 9 to Pratt Avenue. Dalton wanted to know if the county could add more millings to the road. The commission stated that the county does not have any millings and the road would just have to be maintained to improve. The commission stated that they will look at the area in question and visit with Floyd. Dalton also asked about E10 that is used for the City tree deposit. This is a dirt road and will need maintenance when the weather permits.

Resolution 2018-08
Resolution 2018-08 was presented to the commission for consideration of adoption. Resolution 2018-08 is a Resolution declaring certain delinquent personal property taxes to be dormant and uncollectible pursuant to K.S. A. 79-2101. A motion was made by Commissioner Thompson with a second by Commissioner Brannan. The vote was taken with a 3-0 result.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned until 9/17/2018. The commission minutes are not considered to be official until signed and approved by the commission and will remain a working document until approved.

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