Smith County Commissioners – May 21, 2018


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Journal of Proceedings for the Smith County Commissioners

May 14, 2018


The County Commissioners met in a regular session on May 14, 2018 in the County Commissioners’ Room. Present were Commissioners Art Befort, Roger Allen and Tom James.   Also present were Sharon Wolters, Clerk; and, Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor.


Allen opened the meeting with prayer.


Commissioners revised and approved the agenda for the May 14, 2018 meeting.


Commissioners revised, approved, and signed the May 7, 2018 minutes.


Commissioners received information on payroll survey completed by KAC from Hansen.


Commissioners approved two pay increases for longevity.


Tabitha Owen, County Attorney, joined the meeting to provide documentation needed after the prior week executive session.  Commissioners agreed to place the information in the proper permanent file.


Commissioners approved Payroll #10 for $103,813.47.


Commissioners approved voucher #37251-37318 from the following accounts:

General                                             5156.00

Road                                                46381.99

Health                                               2227.84

Appraiser                                              325.00

Solid Waste                                        1210.60

EMS                                                   3761.59

Special Alcohol Fund                           171.25

TOTAL                             $           59,234.27             


Fritz discussed the following:

  1. James discussed the off-system bridge #111 on 50 Road between H & I Roads. James praised the work and said the repairs were well done.
  2. Allen discussed the hospital project and reviewed the work completed by the county road department.
  3. Allen also reported on maintenance on 140 Road. Fritz reported that some additional work has been completed at this location to improve the surface.  Fritz reported that additional moisture should improve the surface.
  4. Fritz reported that maintenance is now being completed on 260 Road between W & X Roads.
  5. Fritz reported that blade man training was complete and Fritz felt the training was very beneficial.
  6. James reported on work completed on 160 Road between H & K Roads. James felt the work was well done.
  7. Fritz reported on the bridge located on 260 Road between R & S Roads. Fritz reported that the bridge will be replaced with a tube.
  8. James discussed road maintenance on cemetery roads prior to Memorial Day. Fritz reported that the mower operators have been given instruction to mow road side ditches near the cemeteries.
  9. Fritz asked about purchasing a no-till drill. Fritz agreed to collect more information.
  10. Fritz indicated that KDOT will be in Smith County this week for bridge inspection.
  11. Fritz reported that the off-system bridge #241 on 270 Road between DD & EE Roads will be let June 20.
  12. Befort discussed 120 & EE Roads maintenance. Fritz reported that the dig safe markers have been placed at this location.
  13. Commissioners discussed equipment replacement plans for the road department. Fritz reported on available budgeted funds.
  14. Fritz discussed plans for an additional training session for the blade men.

Fritz left the meeting.   Walt Keever joined the meeting.   Dave Tucker joined the meeting.

Keever discussed out of county businesses that are doing roofing and repairs after the recent hail storm.  Keever asked commissioners to do some research on collecting sales tax on products that are purchased out of county and brought in from other locations.  Commissioners thanked Keever for the observations.  Keever left the meeting.


Dave Tucker, Landfill Supervisor, discussed the following:

  1. Tucker reported that the e-waste trailer has been exchanged for an empty trailer.
  2. Tucker reviewed the metal removal project completed earlier and provided picture of the metal product recovered from the project.
  3. Tucker provided an article discussing recycling for the commissioners to review.
  4. Befort asked about impact on the specials fees if recycling was reinstated. Tucker reported that he based his estimates on the number of special fees collected.  Tucker reviewed the statistical information for adding the cost of recycling to our current specials tax.   Befort discussed sharing employee resources if a recycling processing center was used.   Befort also discussed alternative funding as a property tax instead of a specials tax.  No decisions were made at this time.  Commissioners agreed to do additional information collection.


Patrick Eastes and Alex Shaffer joined the meeting.


Tucker left the meeting.


Mitch Fritz, JR Rice, Ryan Allen, Chad Meyer, Eric Stewart, Doug Armknecht, and Kathy Hansen joined the meeting.


Befort thanked the people included in the mapping evaluation meetings conducted by Jessica Frye, GeoCom., for participating in the mapping evaluation.  Commissioners provided the recommendations found in the evaluation and reported that the responsibility for origination of new address assignments will be moved.  Befort asked for recommendations on what department will be most accessible for new address assignments.  Befort reviewed the workflow suggestions.  Eastes reviewed the process required for establishing an address.  Eastes indicated that there must be a physical identification of the addressing point.   Notification of other invested departments can follow.  Eastes reviewed the schematic used for addressing in Smith County.  Befort asked for feedback on the services provided by Frye.  Feedback was positive and all agreed that it was a learning process which provided a clearer track for future addressing and mapping maintenance.   Commissioners asked Hansen about training employees in the appraiser’s office to assign addresses.  Befort also discussed using Doug Armknecht to assist as an independently contracted mapping consultant to assist in overseeing and evaluating any changes in mapping for future periodic external audits.   Meyer asked to have an audit of all addressing points to accurately evaluate our current addressing information.  Wolters volunteered to assist with grant writing request for employing a contractor to complete the comparison.   Meyer reported that the new texting capability for 911 “callers” will be added to the current 911 system.   Meyer also reported that he agreed to store a 911 hardware system for AOS.  Rice asked about training for the data steward and maintainer.  Commissioners agreed to have Rice represent Smith County in the next training.  Fritz, Rice, Allen, Meyer, Stewart, Eastes, and Shaffer left the meeting.


Hansen asked about replacing the plotter in her office.  Hansen agreed to do some research and find out what plotters can be used as technology advancements make our current plotter more expensive than necessary.   Hansen asked commissioners to allow some time for her to evaluate the possibility of using the appraiser’s office and personnel to assign new addresses in Smith County. Hansen left the meeting.


Chris Jones joined the meeting.


Brad Schiermeyer and Eric Heath, Wilson Communications, joined the meeting and presented information on cyber services offered by their company and reviewed the current concerns for IT cyber security.   Schiermeyer and Heath left the meeting.


Befort asked the other commissioners about agreement to use a portion of the Health Care Sales Tax Funds to support wellness process in the county including the current wellness center.   Commissioners agreed that they are willing to use funds from the Health Care Sales Tax funds if the survey shows that the public wants to continue with wellness programs supported by Smith County.

Eastes joined the meeting.  A motion was made by Befort and seconded by James to recess in executive session from 12:50 p.m. till 1:05 p.m. for employee performance review.  Motion carried unanimously.   Also in the session was Patrick Eastes, EMS Director.  Regular session reconvened at 1:05 p.m. Commissioners instructed Wolters to add the performance review to the appropriate personnel file.

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