Norton Co Board of Commissioners May 14, 2018


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Norton Co Board of Commissioners
May 14, 2018

Commissioner Charles Posson called the meeting of the Norton Co Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 AM on May 14, 2018 at the Commission Room. Attendance: Richard Thompson, Present: Charles Posson, Present: Thomas Brannan, Present.

Norton County EMS
Members of the Norton County EMS were in to visit with the commission. Craig Sowards, Norton County EMS Director informed the commission that next week is National EMS Week. Melissa McClain read the Proclamation to the commission. The commission signed the Proclamation declaring the National EMS Week and recognizing emergency medical services as a vital public service to Norton County.
Commissioner Brannan made a motion to adopt the Proclamation which establishes the week of May 20th through 26th as Emergency Services Week. The motion was given a second by Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed 3-0.

Alan Hale, Appraiser
Alan Hale, Norton County Appraiser was in to visit with the commission on a couple topics. Discussion was held on the various programs available to local government for tax incentive. Alan gave the commission a good description of the programs and how each is operated. Alan also spoke with the commission about a pending application that has not been approved.

Dispatcher Agreement
Members of the Norton Sheriff’s department and the Norton City Police department were present to discuss the current contract agreement for dispatcher services. Those present included Mayor Miller, Clerk Darla Ellis, Council members Briery and Dewees, City Administrator Moreau, City fire chief Archer, Officer Enfield, ChiefCullumber, Sheriff Troy Thomson and dispatcher Brandi Keith. ChiefCullumber started the discussion requesting the commission look at the contract for some suggested changes. Chief Cullumber felt that discussion was necessary along with the meeting to have both entities put their feelings and thoughts on the table to begin discussion on a contract that is 14 years old. The current contract that is being used will certainly have some parts that need to clarified and or changed. The commission stated that they feel part of the information that has been supplied to the council has been incorrect and that in order to
make good decisions correct information needs to be considered. Chairman Posson stated that he has passed the current contract to the County Counselor with suggestions. County Counselor Sebelius is reviewing those recommendations, however has not reviewed those discussion points with the commission to date. All those present were given the opportunity to visit about their concerns and thoughts for making a good working contract. Those present all agreed that the discussion was needed and that it has been much to long since the last contract was signed and discussed. Sheriff Thomson gave his response to the contract discussion and how he felt the contract negotiations should proceed. Troy stated that the true discussion is really with dispatcher salary and benefit, which is the only portion of the contract that the City is billed for with the 400/o agreement The meeting was left that Sheriff Troy and Chief Jerry would work together to make suggestions to the Commission and Council.

Road Department
Floyd Richard and Moni G. El-Aasar with BG Consultants were in to discuss the design drafts for OS18. Also discussed with the OS18 was the acquisition of right-of-way which will need to be purchased. In order for the county to acquire right-of-way the county will have to have an individual that is certified. There is a training video available for the training required. Bids were submitted for the geology on the bridge with the low bid being $9,500 from OSI. A motion was made by Commissioner Brannan to accept the bid from OSI in the amount of $9,500 with a second from Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed 3-0.
The second item of discussion was the Washington project. Floyd has received a copy of the contract from KDOT which was ready for Commission approval. Upon review the contract was signed by the Commission with the Secretary of Transportation, Project #69-C-4936-0 I. The project has been approved for safety improvements and is scheduled for 2020. Moni stated that if the preliminary work, designs, and utilities can all be completed prior to the 2020, the project could be moved up. The county will need to pay 10% for the project with 90% coming from KDOT. Total project cost will be $360,000.00.
Moni spoke with the commission about a new program called Federal Land Access Program. This program is designed for improving access and roads that go/access federal land. Public access and to improve public safety is the primary goal for the program. Moni stated that if the county commission was interested he would make an application. The cost sharing is 200/4 by the county and 800/4 federally funded. The commission felt that W3 could be a good project for the funding with the amount of traffic that this road has accessing the Sebelius Lake. Moni will proceed with the application after the county receives an endorsement from the Bureau of Land Management. A motion was made by Commissioner Thompson to have BG Consultants proceed with the application and endorsement for the Federal Land Access Program. The motion was given a second by Commissioner Brannan. Motion passed 3-0.

District Court
Janelle Morel, District Court Clerk were in to visit with the commission about a recent request sent to them by Judge Pratt. The request has been made to increase jury duty pay from the current $10.00 per day to a suggested amount of $50.00. Janelle infonned that commission that in the last five years there has only been five jury trials in Norton County. Janelle stated that one of the questions sent out to the possible jury members is a comment section about financial hardship if selected for the jury. Janelle made suggestions to the commission about a fee schedule that may be a suitable solution for making a better policy.
Recommendations were made by the commission and County Counselor Sebelius will draft a Resolution for adoption.

High Plains Mental Health
Walt Hill, High Plains Mental Health and Rich Miller, Board member were in to deliver the annual report and to discuss the inter-local agreement. In the annual comparison of clients served the numbers are fairly steady. In 2014 there were 272 clients; 2015 320; 2016 309 and in 2017 a total of276. The revenue for the High Plains Mental Health consist of 61.77% in fee for service; mental health refonn 19.15%; State aid is 8.04%; County mill levy 8.75% and grants or contracted services of2.28%.
Walt reported that reform has also changed the method in which insurance is paying for mental health reimbursement. With the changes the revenue for medical insurance reimbursement is down.
Walt presented to the commission the Fair Share Funding Model for the 20 counties in the district. Norton County currently funds over the Fair Share benchmark at 106%. Norton County funds $40,000 annually to High Plains Mental Health through the tax levy.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned until 5/2V2018. The commission minutes are not considered to be official until signed and approved by the commission and will remain a working document until approved.

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