Norton City Council Minutes For February 7, 2018


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NOTE:  The following minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled council meeting.



February 7, 2018


The Norton City Council met in regular session Wednesday, February 7, 2018, at 5:30 p.m., with Mayor Jim Miller presiding.  Council members present were Jerry Jones, Dennis Gilhousen, Chriss McDiffett, Gary Lacy, and Ron Briery.  Mark Dewees was absent.  Others present were Larry Lyles, Robert Bowman, Dana Paxton, Jamie Amlong, Gerry Cullumber, Karen Griffiths, Chad Buckley, and Darla Ellis.


Chief of Police Gerry Cullumber led those present in the Flag Salute.  Larry Lyles gave the invocation.


Motion was made by Ron Briery and seconded by Dennis Gilhousen to approve the January 17, 2018 city council meeting minutes as written.  Vote taken.  Motion carried.


The following building permit was presented:

Dollar General  – $ 1,000 – Install 2 storage containers at 309 E. Holme


Motion was made by Dennis Gilhousen and seconded by Chriss McDiffett to waive the formal second reading of Ordinance #1711, amending Article 206 of Chapter 15 of the City Code, as amended, with the clarification that the City is responsible for the maintenance of the water service from the water main to the first valve closest to the water main.  Vote taken.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Chriss McDiffett and seconded by Gary Lacy to accept the following reappointments: Sandy Bhatka, Mick Miller, Wendy Reedy, and Toby Kuhn to the Tourism Committee with terms expiring in February of 2020; Jennifer Hendrickson and August Muehe to the Housing Authority Board with terms expiring in February of 2022; and Robert Bowman and Lee Russell to the Planning Commission with terms expiring in February of 2021.  Vote taken.  Motion carried.


Gerry Cullumber reported the City is still being considered for the computer grant that was applied for.  Six candidates were interviewed for the Police Officer position and a follow-up interview on one of the candidates has been scheduled.  Chief Cullumber also reported the Police Department is hosting a free informational seminar regarding internet fraud and scam schemes at the Public Library on February 28 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.  The public is invited to attend.


Motion was made by Dennis Gilhousen and seconded by Gary Lacy to offer the position of Apprentice Lineman to John Renner at a starting salary of 6-B on the city payscale.  He will be available to start on February 12.  Vote taken.  Motion carried.


Chad Buckley reported a pre-bid meeting will be held Thursday at 11 a.m., for prospective bidders to view the City’s electrical facilities and ask questions regarding the electric grant project.  The engineers will be present with the plans and specifications for the project.  He also reported he plans to replace a few windows each year in the NWKLS building so it is more energy efficient.


Chriss McDiffett reported a public meeting was held Monday at the Library to discuss financing of the proposed street improvements for Valley Vista, Woods, Wilberforce and Brown. The residents in the proposed area will meet next Monday to come to a consensus regarding whether to proceed with the project.  Jerry Jones asked about the timing of replacing West Street if the proposed streets are replaced.  Chriss stated West Street is more of a main thoroughfare rather than a residential street, so he thought the City would use grant funds or other means to replace West Street.


Motion was made by Chriss McDiffett and seconded by Gary Lacy to approve First State Bank’s curb and sidewalk replacement request at State and Main to remove the pod and install new curb and sidewalk, with the City providing the labor and First State Bank paying the cost of 12 yards of concrete.  This project will be done as soon as the weather allows.  Vote taken.  Motion carried.


Jerry Jones asked what can be done to fix Valley Drive in Westridge Acres.  Chad stated the heavy snow storm created problems; it needs to be dug out and a good base put under it before it can be fixed correctly.  Jerry also asked why there are safety cones in front of Bullseye Media on S. Kansas. Chad stated there is a drop off area and it can’t be redesigned until the transformers on the corner are taken out.


Dennis Gilhousen reported the Utility Committee met with KMEA representatives regarding what they can offer the City and they reviewed the pros and cons of demand meters.  The Utility Committee also discussed the filtering system at the water plant and will be getting more information to discuss further.


Gary Lacy reported the Finance Committee met and discussed financing options for the City’s share of the proposed street improvement project and also discussed the filtration system at the water plant.


Ron Briery stated the Public Safety Committee met and talked about bunker gear for the fire department.  The Fire Chief is getting quotes to present to the committee.  They also discussed the possibility of lease purchasing a new fire truck.


Motion was made by Gary Lacy and seconded by Chriss McDiffett to approve the following 2017 write-offs, and proceed with the collection process, with the collection fee being assessed as an additional cost as authorized by Ordinance #1700:


  Name Acct. # Service Address Comments Amount
1. Abel, Roy 7-1572 501 E. Wilton Deceased 539.50
2. Baker, Rheanon 5-112 316 N. Jones Read out 5-19-17 355.50
3. Boehler, Jenny 6-270 707 N. State Read out 8-01-17 232.93
4. Bolin, Jacci 7-1727 406 E. Wilberforce No forward 348.45
5. Brill Jr., Russell 10-1363 603 Pool Dr. Read out 5-03-17 485.05
6. Chastain, Chris 7-50 112 N. Wabash Apt. 3 No forward 68.95
7. Coffman, Justin 13-1062 905 Quail Read out 5-31-17 274.44
8. Dale, William 8-841 509 N. Grant Read out 12-12-17 845.87
9. Dannenberger, Tracy & Michael 10-131 602 N. Jones Read out 8-07-17 917.11
10. Day, Hypatia 10-873 408 W. Woodsfield Bill from 2016 87.82
11. Eggleston, Bridgette 5-674 305 West Read out 2-02-17 4.95
12. Foley, Rebekah 10-390 502 N. Graves Read out 9-21-17 336.38
13. Friedel, Terry 3-930 517 W. Washington Read out 3-01-17 126.95
14. Gallentine, Theresa 2-1143 313 W. Washington Bill from 2016 391.56
15. Hackerott, Anthony 5-981 314 ½ W. Lincoln Read out 6-01-17 185.47
16. Hall, Ryan 8-1642 211 W. Wilmington Read out 4-04-17 210.54
17. Haun, Kendra 9-1020 504 W. Crane Read out 12-13-17 306.17
18. Hernandez, Maria 2-970 203 W. Washington Apt. 1 Read out 1-30-17 22.44
19. Horst, Loria A. 9-1166 608 W. Crane No forward 583.36
20. Lemonds, Austin L. 11-1073 309 W. Holme Lot 6 No forward 287.50
21. McMullen, Chance 13-1392 1006B Ryan Circle Read out 8-07-17 282.53
22. Myers, Norm & Peggy 6-1621




201 E. Lincoln

201 N. Kansas

203 E. Lincoln

201 E. Lincoln

Read out 12-05-17 129.64




23. Olson, Brittany 13-1422 1008A Ryan Circle Read out 3-10-17 261.09
24. Palmer, Darci 13-797 1013A Kennedy No forward 648.14
25. Palmer, Ryan 10-990 708 W. Woodsfield Read out 3-24-17 257.91
26. Ruiz, Mayleen 7-62 205 N. Wabash No forward 194.19
27. Saryerwinnie, Doug 11-501 603 E. Holme No forward 338.57
28. Simoneau, Dane 6-1673 301 E. Lincoln Read out 8-04-17 127.13
29. Smallwood, Alisha 4-633 304 N. Second No forward 527.73
30. Smith, Kelly 6-1721 305 E. Waverly Bill from 2016 387.21
31. Smith, Piper Lee 1-1334 416 Penn Read out 8-16-17 255.24
32. Sporleder, Jeremy 8-322 703 N. First Readout 1-06-17 86.08
33. Sweigart, Bonnie 5-1523 509 W. Waverly No forward 215.35
34. Teichmeier, Kathy 6-820 314 N. Norton Read out 7-26-17 646.23
35. Towne, Christian 7-33 111 N. Wabash Read out 7-26-17 343.37
36. Vasquez, Daniel 4-920 405 N. Grant Read out 4-12-17 85.43
        TOTAL UTILITY 12,297.60




1. Estes, Richard Property abatement in 2016 @ 208 E. Woodsfield – assessed in 2017 2,635.94
2. Kyle Railroad Bulk water from January, 2017 3.97
    GRAND TOTAL 14,937.51

Vote taken.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Chriss McDiffett and seconded by Jerry Jones to approve Appropriating Ordinance #3 as a whole.  Vote taken.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Ron Briery to adjourn.  Council adjourned at 6:14 p.m.


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Derek Nester
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