Lincoln County Commissioners – October 23, 2017


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The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners was held in the commission meeting room of the courthouse Monday, October 23, 2017. Chairman Al Joe Wallace called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. with Vice-Chairman Terry Finch and Member Alexis Pflugh present. County Clerk Dawn Harlow was in attendance.

Others present for portions of the meeting: Norman Mannel, Jim Wiebke, David Dohe, David Gerstmann, Mona Gerstmann, Steve Schneider, Sean Schneider, Howard Wehrman, Bret Kingan, Michel O’Hare, Robert Howe and Ladonna Reinert.

Terry Finch moved to approve and adopt the minutes of the October 16, 2017 regular meeting as presented, seconded by Al Joe Wallace. Motion carried. Voting as follows: Wallace – Aye; Finch – Aye; Pflugh – Nay.

David Gerstmann presented information regarding K.S.A. 75-4301a, K.S.A. 75-4304 and Attorney General Opinion 82-144 and requested that the board consider requesting an Attorney General’s opinion in regards to the information presented and provided a listing of questions he would like the commissioners to request.

Emergency Manager David Dohe reported that Sheriff Mike Weigel would not like to continue to serve on the LEPC (local emergency planning commission) and that he recommended that the board appoint Gary Kuehn to the position. Alexis Pflugh moved to appoint him to the LEPC, seconded by Terry Finch. Alexis Pflugh moved to amend the motion and appoint Gary Kuehn to the LEPC law enforcement position member, seconded by Terry Finch. Motion carried.

The board discussed the contract payment to O’Hare Law LLC for expenses provided to the County Attorney’s Office.

Interim Ambulance Director Bret Kingan related that there are four Lincoln County residents taking the EMT class in Bennington and that he has applied for an education incentive grant through the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services. As part of the grant agreement, each student must sign an agreement committing 240 hours to the service upon certification. Kingan presented a bill from the instructor requesting payment for half of the tuition now with the remaining amount being paid by December 10. Kingan requested that the board approve reimbursing the students $255 for testing and recertification fees after the students complete their contracts. Terry Finch moved to approve the payment to the EMS instructor, seconded by Alexis Pflugh. Motion carried. Terry Finch moved to pay testing fees and certification fees for the students of $255 once they have fulfilled their contract, seconded by Alexis Pflugh. Motion carried. The following topics were discussed: staffing, volunteers, and vehicles.

Director of Public Works Michel O’Hare with Road and Bridge Supervisor Robert Howe reported that the total from for PurpleWave equipment sale was $101,085. O’Hare related that the County was denied a grant through the State to replace a bridge, however he will apply for the grant again in 2018. KDOT has approximately 3,000 tons of millings available for sale at $8.00 per ton. A decision on purchasing the mills was tabled until December. O’Hare provided costs paid by Saline County for road materials. Howe reported that the bridge crew is currently working on FAS 470 on 20th Rd and that they will pour footings and repair a wing wall; road crews are spot graveling around the county. The board discussed potential areas for new gravel pits. Discussion ensured on the following topics: spot graveling on 220th Rd, usage of the crushed concrete, prioritization of projects and map of the gravel pits.

Alexis Pflugh moved for the Lincoln County Commission to create a strategic plan for fiscal year 2018. Motion died for a lack of a second. Alexis Pflugh moved to publish a newsletter from the commission in attempt to inform the public of our objectives and financial priorities. Motion died for a lack of a second. Alexis Pflugh moved to request an annual report of activities for quantification by department. Motion died for a lack of second. Commissioner Pflugh inquired about election district maps and placement on the website. Alexis Pflugh moved to provide computer and network access to commissioners as individuals compensated by county tax funds as provided for all other elected officials.

Motion died for a lack of a second. Pflugh inquired about a county seal, the Lincoln County Clerk seal is the County’s official seal. Alexis Pflugh moved to have Dawn forward our letter of recommendation that we approved with the county seal to the Historical Society. Motion died for a lack of second. Board members related that they would consider the letter of support if it is presented.

Health Nurse/Administrator Ladonna Reinert provided a picture of the vehicle type she would like to purchase to replace the department’s current vehicle. Reinert related that most of the dealerships require a $500 hold fee, in order to wait for the board to approve. Reinert related that a dealership offers a life time power train warranty, however her daughter works for the dealership and wanted to know if the board would be against her purchasing a vehicle from the dealership because of the relationship. Reinert answered questions regarding the Board of Health meeting. Terry Finch moved that we allow Ladonna to purchase a vehicle with a top price of $22,000 to give her some leeway, seconded by Alexis Pflugh. Motion carried.

The board approved changing their board meeting start times, beginning December 1 from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. with no scheduled lunch.

Chairman Wallace requested that Clerk Harlow contact Elizabeth Sheldon to inquire if should would like to continue serving as the County’s representative to the City of Lincoln Center Recreation Commission as her current term expires at the beginning of January 2018.

Al Joe Wallace reported that he received a call from John Grace regarding the rent, he had spoken with him regarding the back rent as well. Wallace related that Grace also indicated that they were close to reaching an agreement with the City of Lincoln.

Alexis Pflugh moved to contact and request an opinion from the Attorney General under K.S.A. 75-4301a; does Jennifer O’Hare have a substantial interest in O’Hare Law LLC. Motion died for a lack of a second.

With no further business to come before the board the chairman adjourned the meeting at 10:08 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. Monday, October 30, 2017 in the commission meeting room of the courthouse.

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