Smith County Commissioners – August 21, 2017


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Journal of Proceedings for the Smith County Commissioners

August 21, 2017

The County Commissioners met in a regular session on August 21, 2017 in the County Commissioners’ Room.    Present were Commissioners Tom James and Art Befort.   Roger Allen was absent.   Also present were Sharon Wolters, Clerk; and, Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor.  Roger Allen came prior to the meeting to review documentation for the week and rejoined the meeting later in the morning.

Befort opened the meeting with prayer.

A motion was made by James and seconded by Befort to convene in executive session from 9:05 am till 9:10 am to review the hospital long term care negotiations containing confidential data information discussed in a previous executive session with because James was not able to attend the earlier meeting. Regular session reconvened at 9:10.  No action was taken. 

Commissioners approved the agenda for the August 21, 2017 meeting.

Commissioners approved, and signed the August 14, 2017 minutes.

Commissioners approved Payroll #17 for 95,953.31.

Commissioners approved Voucher #35739-35741 from the following accounts:

General                                                                    1228.61
Road                                                                           33.93
Nox Weed                                                                    20.00
Health                                                                       639.71
Appraiser                                                                   153.82
Solid Waste                                                                 11.77 EMS                                                                          349.74                                        Next Gen 911 Fund                                                      30.00

TOTAL                                                           $ 2,467.58

Wolters reported on Marv Gillen’s visit and evaluation of the basement water leaks around the window.  Gillen indicated that caulking was needed on all windows.  Wolters reported that Gillen would be available to do the work if requested.

Patrick Eastes joined the meeting.

Befort called the budget hearing to order.  As there was no public comment, the budget was adopted as published.

Fritz discussed the following:

  1. James discussed the guardrail at Y & 280 Road. Fritz estimated the rail can be completed by January 16, 2018.
  2. James discussed maintenance on a culvert located on J Road ¼ mile north of 100 Road.
  3. James discussed tube maintenance at G & 70 intersection. James agreed to view the location with Fritz today.
  4. Fritz discussed bridge maintenance on 290 Road east of Y Road. Commissioners wished to view this location.
  5. James visited with Kerry Ferguson about safety at 120 & B Road intersection. Ferguson agreed to lower the berm in his field and James reported that the work was completed prior to today’s meeting.
  6. Fritz discussed a request for a tube within the city limits of Smith Center. Commissioners did not wish to make commitments when it is within the city limits.

Dave Tucker joined the meeting.

  1. James discussed a long term plan to manage the road tree trimming. Fritz reported that the bucket truck is now in working order.  There was some additional discussion about tree trimming.  Commissioners agreed to revisit the topic after Fritz has time to evaluate man power available for tree trimming.
  2. Befort asked about present rocking location. Fritz reported on rock work on C Road between 120 & 160 Roads.
  3. Fritz reported that the bridge crew is replacing two tubes on AA Road between 160 &180 Roads; and, one tube on X Road between 220 & 230 Roads.
  4. Fritz reported on projects that should be completed this week including water drainage maintenance on B Road north of Hwy. 9.
  5. Befort reported that he visited with Mike Ryan about work in the right-of-way by his house. Befort indicated that Ryan would like to be notified several days in advance before the work is started.   Befort also reviewed the detail of the work as it will be completed and verified with Fritz details of the project.
  6. Befort discussed a request that he received from Dennis Peterson to remove the berm on 125 & X Roads intersection. Befort reported that the request has been completed at this location.
  7. Befort discussed W Road power lines and asked about closing a road where power lines are located in our right-of way. Fritz stated that he contacted Marc Martin, Rolling Hills Cooperative, about the ROW issue.  Martin thanked Fritz for contacting them and stated that the electric company has their own right of way on most power lines in Smith County.
  8. James asked about Fritz attending a special meeting at 8:00 a.m. on Weds. August 23, 2018 to discuss the Farm Bureau meeting to be held next Monday. Commissioners asked Eastes to attend as well.  Eastes indicated that he can attend.

Fritz left the meeting.

Dave Tucker, Landfill Supervisor, discussed the following:

  1. The metal recycler picked up the metal pile and the county received slightly over $8000.00 for the metal.
  2. Posi-Shell will not be delivered until Phillips County finishes their storage unit.
  3. SWANA meeting will be held in Manhattan on the 4th and 5th of October. Befort indicated that he will attend as well.
  4. Tucker discussed using personal phones for county business. No change in policy was made at this time.

Tucker left the meeting.

Patrick Eastes discussed the following:

  1. Eastes reviewed the statistical report for July. EMS received 49 calls in July.
  2. Eastes reported on an EMS unit that had some repairs.
  3. Eastes discussed employees on leave. Eastes reported that he presently has three employees off for an extended period of time which may increase the amount of overtime hours used.
  4. Eastes reported that a job interview was completed on Friday. Eastes will follow up on references before making a decision.
  5. Eastes reviewed a letter from the assistant EMS director saying he intends to retire at the end of 2017. Eastes will continue to look for someone to train and fill the position in the future.
  6. Befort asked Eastes about going to visit the remount location in order to oversee building a remount box to best serve the local EMS needs. Eastes reported that he has contacted the remount facility and will report back when he receives a specific date for the visit.

Eastes left the meeting.

Laura Hageman, Health Nurse, joined the meeting and updated the commissioners on meetings scheduled for the rest of the month.   Hageman left the meeting.

Roger Allen joined the meeting.

Carl Eyman, KWORCC, joined the meeting and reviewed the most recent workman’s comp losses and statistics.

David Luke, KCAMP, joined the meeting and discussed property and liability coverage available through the Kansas municipal government pool.   Commissioners discussed 2018 insurance coverage.

Roger Allen signed a contract for additional phone service necessary to replace two mobile phones in the treasurer’s office.

As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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