Lincoln County Commissioners – July 3, 2017


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July 3, 2017

The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners was held in the commission meeting room of the courthouse Monday, July 3, 2017. Chairman Al Joe Wallace called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. with Vice-Chairman Terry Finch and Member Alexis Pflugh present. County Clerk Dawn Harlow was in attendance.

Others present for portions of the meeting: Cynthia Nelson, Katy Black, Mona Gerstmann, Jeannie Fern, David Wacker, Glenn Stegman, Howard Wehrman, David Dohe, Ladonna Reinert, Keith Yarnell, Janet Dowlin, Valerie Robinson, Michael O’Hare, Tanner Yost, Corey Uhl and Debora Zachgo.

Terry Finch moved to approve and adopt the minutes of June 26, 2017 regular meeting as presented, seconded by Al Joe Wallace. Motion carried.

The chairman recessed the meeting to the basement meeting room at 8:13 a.m.

The chairman reconvened the meeting to regular session in the basement meeting room at 8:15 a.m.

Emergency Manager David Dohe and Health Nurse/Administrator Ladonna Reinert presented copies of Resolution 2002-14, establishing a policy regarding the rendering of mutual aid in times of disaster to other units of local government within or without the State of Kansas; Resolution 2003-27, amending Resolution 2002-13, establishing a policy of Lincoln County, Kansas, to provide assistance to other counties, cities and townships during disasters pursuant to K.S.A. 12-16,117; and a Memorandum of Agreement for the board to review that would address concerns regarding the use of equipment and/or personnel by another county should any county department be requested to provide resources in the future, noting that if the Agreement is satisfactory they will forward to the surrounding counties for approval. Discussion was held on what the term ‘disaster’ means within the Memorandum of Agreements, Dohe and Reinert related that in meetings and trainings that they have attended, depletion of resources, could be deemed a disaster for the county that has depleted their resources. Reinert provided information on an upcoming training session on Public Health Emergency Law and invited board members to attend.

Janet Dowlin, Lincoln County Council on Aging provided a fiscal year 2016 fact sheet of services provided to residents of Lincoln County by North Central-Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging (NC-FHAA); key leaders in Lincoln County Aging Network; and a listing of services sponsored by NC-FHAA and the value of the service as well as supplemental information on Friendship Meals, Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansans (SHICK), and the overall Estimated Economic Impact for the county.

Director of Public Works Michel O’Hare and Tanner Yost, Kirkam Michael, with David Wacker present, presented potential solutions to resolve the three drainage issues on N 30th Rd and E Union Dr and permit requirements for the projects. Concrete structure options would cost between $112,000 and $135,000, contractor rate, per location; and purchasing a split railroad tanker would cost $18,000 per tanker purchased, per location, with an additional cost to rent a crane and materials needed to install wing walls. David Wacker related that he would be willing to give $5,000 towards the N 30th Rd project and any dirt needed. No decision was made this date to allow the department head to determine if funding is available. Alexis Pflugh moved to allow the department head to proceed with obtaining permits needed to replace the structures on N 30th Rd and/or E Union Dr, seconded by Terry Finch. Motion carried. Yost provided information on a service that Kirkham Michael offers that provides engineering services to the county, one day per month, at a cost of $825 per month plus mileage, any formation of plans would be considered additional work and the county would be charged at the normal hourly rate assessed by the firm. No decision was made this date. O’Hare reported on the following topics: Mobile 311 will be setup this week; there will be an additional cost to purchase protective cases for each tablet; moving gravel in the Barnard area; working on replacing the failed stone arch bridge near Beverly; and repairing the Lawson bridge.

Clerk Harlow provided the estimates for hail damage to county buildings, and bids received from Uhl Construction and Roofing and Eaton Roofing & Exteriors. Uhl discussed the bids that he submitted for the various buildings. Al Joe Wallace moved to contract with Uhl Construction and Roofing to replace the nursing home roof with Malarkey class 4 impact resistant shingles in the amount of $57,150, and solicit bids for the remaining buildings; Alexis Pflugh moved to divide the motion, motion died for a lack of a second; Wallace withdrew the portion of the motion to solicit bids; amended original motion was seconded by Terry Finch. Motion carried. Wallace-Aye; Finch-Aye; Pflugh – Nay. The board requested that an advertisement be placed to solicit bids to repair various buildings.

Human Resource Officer Debora Zachgo provided estimates for health insurance premiums for 2018 and an example of the cost to county employees should the board decide to change employs’ contributions from a flat rate to a percentage based rate per plan type.
Judge Kim Cudney inquired as to when the air conditioning in the courtroom will be repaired. Cudney related that the air conditioning has not been working for 4-5 weeks. Commissioner Finch related that the custodian had told him prior to the meeting that parts had been backordered. The board related that they will determine the status and make a decision regarding the matter.

Commissioner Pflugh discussed the current Interim EMS Director and inquired why the position is part-time and why a full-time Director was not advertised for and employed. The board related that they had advertised for and hired a full-time EMS Director after a lengthy period of time, but that Director did not work out, and so they chose to promote within and hire a part-time Interim Director. The Interim Director position has worked out, so they decided to add an additional full-time staff member instead and continue to have a part-time Director. Discussion ensued to the Ambulance Director’s job description.

Commissioner Pflugh related that she thinks that the County should have a resolution listing requirements for distributing tax money to third party solicitors, such as the North Central Regional Planning Commission, North Central-Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging, Lincoln County Council on Aging, OCCK, and Central Kansas Mental Health. Pflugh inquired what the other members look at to deem whether the services being provided are appropriate. Discussion ensued as to whether requirements should be made to these organizations to receive funding.

The chairman adjourned the meeting at 11:35 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. Monday, July 10, 2017 in the commission meeting room of the courthouse.

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Derek Nester
Derek Nester
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