Summer Vacations; Planning Saves Money And Headaches

Taking the time to carefully plan a summer trip not only saves money, it reduces the risk of encountering problems during the trip.

If you’re planning to fly, Kansas State University assistant professor of hospitality management, Kristin Malek, says you don’t want to book your flight too early or too late.

Searching websites for the lowest airfares and least expensive hotel rooms is common. However, before booking a flight or making a hotel reservation, Malek suggests clearing the cookies on the Internet browser to see the lowest rates.

For lodging, Malek advises using hotel booking sites, sorting from lowest to highest and then booking through the hotel, which usually offers the same rate. By booking directly, hotel managers are more likely to treat you as a loyal customer and assign you a better room.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a full-blown vacation, Malek says the biggest mistake most people make is not setting aside enough money, and budgeting only for travel expenses and hotel accommodations…not the things they’ll when they get to their destination.

If traveling with children, Malek suggests looking online for free or discounted kids’ nights at local restaurants. Also, find a nearby grocery and pick up some snacks to keep in the room.