Rainbow Trout Stocked In Glen Elder Outlet

The first ever stocking of rainbow trout in the Glen Elder outlet below the north end of the Glen Elder dam occurred last week. Approximately 350 pounds of trout were stocked in the outlet area to provide anglers with another unique opportunity to catch these fish.  The outlet is approximately 0.8 surface acres resulting in a stocking density of 438 pounds/acre.  The density when stocked in the 5 acre Glen Elder Park pond is approximately 70 pounds/acre.  This higher density of trout, combined with a concrete walkway along the water, and a chance to fish a new location should benefit area anglers that enjoy trout fishing.

There are still plenty of trout left in the park pond from the first stocking and anglers have been having fair to good success using cheese and other prepared baits.  Fishing techniques in the outlet area should be similar with the exception of the moving water possibly requiring slightly more weight on the line. A small barrier has been placed downstream of the outlet to keep the fish from migrating downstream.  A more permanent barrier will be constructed prior to the December stocking.  Future stockings in the outlet area will be determined by angler success rates, satisfaction, and effectiveness of the barrier.

The same special regulations apply while fishing the Glen Elder outlet between November 1st and April 15th.  All anglers 16 and older are required to purchase a trout permit ($14.50) if they intend to fish the Glen Elder outlet which is valid through December 31st, 2017.  Anglers 15 and younger are exempt.  In addition, all residents and non-residents 16 and older must also have a valid fishing license.  Trout permits are available at KDWPT offices, license vendors, county clerk offices, or online at www.ksoutdoors.com.  The daily creel limit is 5 trout (2 trout for anglers 15 and younger fishing without a trout permit).  The possession limit is three times the daily creel.

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